An overview of the product ranges for modular mixing consoles as made by Siemens, Maihak, Telefunken, TAB, Neumann and others

A translation of my Master's Thesis, written in German some 10 years ago. Information like this is not subject to ageing, though..
Will be publishing individual sections from time to time here


This is about servicing various pieces of gear which might be of general interest. While I was at it, I included several close-up pictures, for all you nerds out there.
In case you need to get some troubleshooting basics straight, check the article about fault finding in the section above.

Includes a complete dissection of the unit

Fixing up the tone switch section

The "mother" of all German x95 EQ's… in Germanium circuitry

Passive unit, same era as V72, same pain in the ___ to work on ;-)

An outline of the prodedures I use to check a device for faults

The rig and the tools I use for test, repair, mods, and beyond

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