I'm going beyond mere service and inside-gear pictures here - this section is about projects such as modifications, racking, or stuff of an overall bigger magnitude.

Speakers, amps, and a personal story regarding tweaks & maintenance

A modification for remote switching by hand with an external encoder box - without even having a schematic ;)

Replacing two blown speakers, checking different types of replacements…
Includes almost complete dissection

Refurbishing G228 input modules
Making gyratror retrofits for G268 input modules
Racking 5183, G228 and G268 modules

Working on electronic devices such as described on this site can involve LETHAL VOLTAGES - especially in tube amplifiers, you're dealing with up to 500 Volts. If you're not absolutely sure about what you're doing, better have a qualified tech do it for you - otherwise, there's a chance you might hurt or even kill yourself. Really.
Please also read the DISCLAIMER in the
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